Forever Wake EP

by Zach Zeller

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released September 4, 2012

Mark Robertson: cellos on Track 3.
Whitney Zeller: violin on Track 4.
Ryan McLaughlin: piano on Track 4.



all rights reserved


Zach Zeller Redding, California

A unique brand of lo-fi alternative folk music that is both raw and organic, yet meticulously produced. Capturing the scenic and serene nature of his hometown in Northern California, his style ranges from moments of sparseness and intimacy, to moments that are lush and emotionally charged. ... more

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Track Name: Flower Bed
This empty room is drowning in deep blue
And that voice on the line
It only speaks the truth

He's been calling out your name
Waiting for you to arrive
While standing at his feet
You wave goodbye

With his last breath
I'll see you soon

Keep your head up son
Don't run to the river now
Hold that broken wing
Stay under those forming clouds

We'll be together soon
But let God tie that noose
Tear away at the sky
I'll be there in no time

With his last breath
I'll see you soon
Track Name: The Letter
The Earth is shaking
Hold me dear
How did we end up here?

I read the books
And threw them to the ground
Let the light in, didn't make a sound

Stay by the road
Keep straight as an arrow
That's how the story goes

I once tasted the blood
Tasted the blood of an empty heart
I came falling to my knees
I started, I started falling apart
Piece by piece

I stayed up, I stayed up all night
Said my prayers and shut my eyes
I wrote a letter to my wife
I signed it with everlasting life
Everlasting life
Track Name: Seas of History
Oh Rodeo you can't stand
You can's stand
On your own

Oh my darling, you've let time
You've let time
Pass you by

The years
They leave faster
With every lie

And your friends
They grow weary

They just might follow you
They just might
Into the dark

Live fast and die young
Standing high in the sky
You look out

Streams of long lost plans
Beneath your feet
Into the seas of history

You've spun webs
That got you buried
Up to your teeth

And those swords that you swallowed
Onto the streets, they'll burst out onto the streets
And wash you clean

You stand by me and pray
I hold my breath
And wait for the day of your wake
Track Name: Darkest Hour
Crawl back to bed in the morning
The sheets, they cover your head
You whisper you had the craziest dream
Your hands reached up and found Heaven

Three days ago
I called out your name
In the middle of the night
You had fallen from the sky
Down in the darkness
I dove down to be by your side
I dove down to be by your side

In the night
I don't ever want to lose you
God, make me first to go

Your lips against mine
My hands on your side
Feeling so blue
The radio is on
It plays our favorite song
Sit still, oh sit still

In the night
I don't ever want to lose you
God, make me first to go