Zach Zeller & The Crooked Timbers

by Zach Zeller & The Crooked Timbers

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released July 13, 2015

Tyler Hawkins - drums, percussion
Devin McLaughlin - guitar
Nathan Waletzko - bass, guitar, mandolin
Scott Barwick - organ, keys
Zach Zeller - vocals, guitar

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Scott Barwick at Origami Recording Lounge in Chico, CA. Additional engineering by Tyler Hawkins.

Around Town Collective 2015
All Rights Reserved ©



all rights reserved


Zach Zeller Redding, California

A unique brand of lo-fi alternative folk music that is both raw and organic, yet meticulously produced. Capturing the scenic and serene nature of his hometown in Northern California, his style ranges from moments of sparseness and intimacy, to moments that are lush and emotionally charged. ... more

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Track Name: Wonder Why
Strapped down in corners
Never gonna slip your mind
Put the pencil to the paper
And draw black lines

Which you ingest
without thinking twice
You spit it out
To justify that night

Keep singing sad songs
To stir up the crowd
The children are watching
And they wonder why

Keepsakes of a death wish
Are up for grabs
Fuming over nothing
And they wonder why

They wonder why

Oh son, I wish I could say
Oh dear, I hoped it wouldn't be this way
I don't think that this will ever change
Track Name: The Letter
The Earth is shaking
Hold me dear
How did we end up here?

I read the books
And threw them to the ground
Let the light in, didn't make a sound

Stay by the road
Keep straight as an arrow
That's how the story goes

I once tasted the blood
Tasted the blood of an empty heart
I came falling to my knees
I started, I started falling apart
Piece by piece

I stayed up, I stayed up all night
Said my prayers and shut my eyes
I wrote a letter to my wife
I signed it with everlasting life
Everlasting life
Track Name: One Night
The crowds are forming
Side by side
Their arm are reaching out
It's growing wide

And the panic within their eyes
Brings me to my knees

Please let them go
Just for one night

You give no reason why
We can't understand
You precede to live this lie
We won't ever comprehend

Oh their feet are torn and bound
They're ratchet down tight
Their eyes run wild in the night
Glazed over twice

Please let them go
Just for one night

You give no reason why
We can't understand
You precede to live this lie
We won't ever comprehend

The crowds are forming now
Side by side
Track Name: Oh My Son
With bottled eyes and fingers clinched so tight
He swung and hit me to the floor
Put up my fists tossing side to side
That old man got what he deserved

Grabbed a shovel dug up his shallow grave
Pushed him in said our goodbyes
It took us thirty years to end this household rage
Sometimes death is the only way

He's finally proud of me
Oh my son

Oh dear mother it was the only way
You and brother can be free
He's in the ground and Satan has his hand
Jesus looked and turned the other way

The men in blue came knocking at my door
Guns drawn blood rushing to the top
They shot and hit me my body hit the floor
Oh sweet savior why'd you turn away

You've forsaken me
Oh my son
Track Name: It Was True
With all this time
Resting in my hands
So much to do
Very little planned

I seem to take on
What's buried in the sand
Take me down
There's nothing left

When I found out
It was true
They placed me down
Till' I came to

Oh my, my, my
Come on down
I know these times
Are hard enough

Sweet son of mine
Come rough me up

When I found out
It was true
They placed me down
Till' I came to
Track Name: Limbs In A Fight
Her hair fell down
Sprawled out on the ground
Twenty-four years and counting

Medicated lips
Move towards her hips
Mouthing forever always so softly

Down from the hill
We ventured past home
Wishing our families the best

Stay close to me dear
You have nothing to fear
My love is all surrounding

In a beam of light
Your limbs in a fight
Grasping my mouth for the songs
The songs for your love

The children they played
Oh so quietly
Counting their fingers and toes

My fingers they pressed
Against the mountainy range on your back
Cascading to the floor
Track Name: Woman With The Shovel
I, I was out in the open
With my claws
buried in the ground
And the watchers
Only came at midnight
Where it was too black
To see my fright

And the watchers
Kept walking
Waited for the wind from the west
To set me free
I've been waiting
For over a year now
Still waiting for the woman with the shovel
To dig me out

All I wanted
Was someone to care for me
To bandage up the wounds and serve wine
To ease the pain

So I called
The family doctor
He said I had suffered
A shattered heart

And I guess
You could say it was worth it
The woman with the shovel
May have recovered the missing parts
May have
Track Name: Yesterday
My calling is bone dry
It's been disconnected
The midnight train
Flashed right before my eyes
I thought caught
A glimpse of you

I called your house
And got that normal voice
That simple voice
That irritating voice

Yesterday's the day I recall from yesterday

She moves in a way that makes the ocean cringe
That makes the ocean cringe
She parted the sea and stuck her foot right in
She spun the moon again

Yesterday's the day I recall from yesterday